Thank you Senior Style Guide For Selecting These Seniors To Appear In SSG Hot 100 Magazine!

Each year I enter the SSG Hot 100 contest I am blown away by the winning images.  This competition for HIgh School Senior Photographers lights a fire in me and it inspires me to continue to learn and grow to be the best photographer I can be.  

This year SSG had 9 images win a spot in the magazine out of ~13K images submitted.  The competition is insane!  The talent in this industry is even crazier!  I am humbled to be included amongst the nations top High School Senior Photographers.

Guys, I am not gonna lie, I submitted a ton of images.  Each year I try to narrow down my images to a small number but I grow so attached to each image, each senior that steps in front of my lens is amazing.  And it is SO HARD TO CHOOSE what images to submit! 

Lately, I’ve been feeling so grateful for my seniors who are willing to open themselves up to me.  My seniors allow me to create with them and show the world who they are. 

This isn’t something I take for granted! I’s truly such a blessing to be able to work with so many amazing individuals who inspire me.  

I thank the universe every day because it is truly a gift to be able to do what I love.  To see the beauty in each person and to show the world the beauty that I see.

February 2, 2022


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