Boho Picnic in Cape May, NJ

This bohemian picnic photo session was a dream of mine, thank you The Proper Picnic and these girls for bringing my dream to life. It all started with a mood board that I created on Pinterest. I sent the mood board to The Proper Picnic and the owner was inspired to create something special for us.

I gave the girls a color palette and pinned outfit/hair/accessory suggestions for them to follow. Everyone had fun shopping for their outfits and loved watching the girls gather items and putting together their look.

The girls even enlisted the help of their favorite makeup artists and hair stylists (and or their mom 😉 ) to complete the look.

The shoot exceeded my expectations, despite a few complications. The original location did not work out because the picnic table is very heavy and it was too far to carry the table down the beach path. So we switched the location to Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ. It was probably one of the hottest days of the summer but the girls never complained.

To see how this idea came to life, stop by my Pinterest board.

March 8, 2022


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