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“Senior Session Prep: 5 Things to Avoid Before Your Big Day”

May 10, 2023


Let’s talk about 5 things you don’t want to do before your senior session

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Hey there! Senior pics only happen once and we know you want to look your best without appearing like you’ve tried too hard. We’re here to help you achieve that perfect look and avoid any senior session faux pas. Here are five things to steer clear of before your session:

1.  Self-tanning: We know you want that sun-kissed glow, but be cautious with self-tanning products. Self tanners often read orange in photos and leave tell tale signs like streaks and smears.  

2.  A drastic hair change: It’s not recommended to make significant changes to your hair, such as a big chop or color change, right before your session. You don’t want to end up regretting it and having it documented forever in your senior pics.

3.  Skin peels and new skin care products: We’re all about that skincare life, but avoid facial peels three weeks before your session. Trust me, I was an esthetician and harsh exfoliants and peels can leave your skin irritated and flaky for weeks!  Also, stick to your current skin care routine. Trying out new facial products right before your session could be a recipe for disaster. Your skin could end up looking dry and flaky or, even worse, you might experience a massive breakout.

4.  Sun burn:  Not only is a sunburn be painful and uncomfortable, but it can also leave you looking like a hot mess in your photos. And, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to photoshop! You should also avoid the sun if you are on antibiotics or medication for acne.  You don’t want to end up looking like a lobster!

5.  Don’t wait to the last minute to shop!  Shopping early gives you time to try things on and order an accessories or undergarments you might need.  If you dislike the way it fits or the color clashes with your skin tone, you have time to send it back and get something else. 

You are investing in senior pics and you want to make sure these images show off the best version of you.  Follow these 5 tips above to be sure to look flawless on your big day.  

Your senior pictures are a chance to capture the unique and amazing person you are right now. Trust your photographer, let go of any insecurities, and have fun with the experience. We promise you’ll shine!

Susan is a senior portrait and dance photographer who resides in Hammonton, NJ. Her goal is to showcase the personality of each person in front of her lens. She strives to find each person’s uniqueness and makes sure that every senior session is different, never boring. Susan Grace is now booking the Class of 2024. To learn more about being an SGP senior, click here

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