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Senior Session With An Edge – 4 tips for your city Senior Session

March 31, 2023


Paul VI Class of 2023

High School Senior Photography in South Jersey with Susan Grace Photography
Colorful unique senior photos in the city with New Jersey High School Senior photographer Susan Grace Photography
City sessions are never boring

I have been wanting to write a blog post with tips and tricks on how to rock your senior session in the city and no one has done this better than Kamryn! And it’s her birthday today, Happy Birthday Kam! Read on to see how it was done.

First Kamryn Found This Location 🙂

When it comes to a senior session with an edge, choosing the location is key. When I met Kamryn at her session design appointment, she said she wanted her senior pics to reflect her personality and style. Once I showed her images that I created a few years ago in Manyunk, Philadelphia, this Paul VI senior was hooked! So much so that she went to Manyunk with her friend and found this fun spot with umbrellas! When she showed me the pics she took there I knew I had to make this work.

Next, Dress to Impress

This senior is lucky to have 2 older sisters that helped her pull together the perfect outfits! Her vibe reminds me of me when I was younger. Kamryn prefers to stand out rather than blend in. This vibe is true to her personality. She is the kind of person that once committed, she see’s it through to success! Which is probably why she was accepted to her top college and has won the New Jersey state championship in the High Jump!

Take Advantage of City Streets and Alleyways!

Manyunk is full of City Streets and Alleyways. We took a walk through the streets and alleyways to find colorful murals, graffiti walls, and urban landscapes and created your photos that make her stand out. The last location was an alley way that we found on our way back to the car!

Lastly, be ready to step out of your box

When it comes to capturing an edgy and unique vibe for your senior photos, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Whether it’s experimenting with different poses, incorporating bold colors or patterns, or even shooting in a more unconventional location, pushing the boundaries can lead to some truly amazing and memorable photos. So go ahead and take a risk – you might just be surprised at the results!

Senior photos on a staircase for leading lines
Look for fun stairs and grates for leading lines
Senior photo in the city of Manyunk
Colorful edgy senior photos
Senior photos with an edge in the city
senior photos with fun poses in city
I like matching your outfit to each location
fashionable senior photos in New Jersey
city vibe senior photos in south jersey
senior photo locations in the city
Show me your personality
senior photo locations in the city
senior photos in an alley
senior photos in an alley with fairy lights by Susan Grace Photography
senior photos in an alley with fairy lights by Susan Grace Photography

Kamryn decided to meet me on the track to commemorate her track career! She is amazing at all she does! Read this article about how she won the state title!

Paul VI Track star photos
Sports photography with Susan Grace Photography from South Jersey
Paul VI Track star photos with her medals, South Jersey senior photos
She has won so many first place medals!
Paul VI Track star photos in graduation gown, South Jersey senior photos

Want to capture the urban vibe for your senior photos?

Save this post for inspiration and tips on how to make your City senior session edgy and unique.

If you want a senior session with me, don’t hesitate to contact me! My summer is booking up now!


Susan is a senior portrait and dance photographer who resides in Hammonton, NJ. Her goal is to showcase the personality of each person in front of her lens. She strives to find each person’s uniqueness and makes sure that every senior session is different, never boring. Susan Grace is now booking the Class of 2024. To learn more about being an SGP senior, click here

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