susan grace


susan grace


Happy Birthday Elle!

January 8, 2022


Elle you are a ray of sunshine. This year with you has flown by! Each and every time we work together you bring happiness to my day. Your senior portrait session at Long Wood Gardens last spring was one to remember. I loved how the light shone upon you in the peony garden. Some might call the sun-flares that surrounded you orbs. Is it a coincidence that this day was meaningful to your grandmother? I think not. Wishing you the happiest of years. You deserve only the best.

Always remember, there will be no one in the world that cares as much about the life you live, the work you create, the dreams you chase, then you, my friend. So you might as well go live the life you dream of, create things you love, work on things you are passionate about, and push past what others might think is even possible.

And maybe, just maybe, inspiring another person in this beautiful world to pursue their dreams too. Thank you for inspiring me. Love you!

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