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Lauren’s Hip-Hop Dance Headshot Session

May 20, 2023


Dancer headshot and branding session in the studio with Susan Grace Photography

Lauren came all the way from Pennsylvania to work with me for her hip-hop dance headshot session. It’s always a big deal for me when a dancer finds me on Instagram and decides to travel to meet me. Lauren is a student (and company member) of I Am Phresh Dance Academy and needed headshots and dance photos to pursue her dance career.

2 Different Headshot Looks

During her hip-hop dance headshot session, I thought it would be cool to give her two different looks for the headshots. One had a white background, which gives a clean and professional vibe, and the other one was a bit moodier, adding some artistic flair. This way, she would have options depending on the kind of dance job she was auditioning for.

Apart from the headshots, Lauren also wanted some pictures that showed her fun and edgy personality. I really liked the outfit she chose—a cool olive green jumpsuit paired with work boots. It suited her style perfectly, and she looked amazing in those photos.

Since that photo session, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lauren a few more times. Every time, she brings her incredible talent and unique style. She’s really something special.

In the fall, Lauren will be attending Drexel University to study fashion. She believes that fashion complements her interest in dance, and she’s really excited about it. It’s impressive how multi-talented she is.

beautiful headshots of a blonde dancer in studio on a white background, a dancer's branding session
fun headshots in studio on a white background
moody headshots of a dancer in studio with Susan Grace Photography
hip hop dance headshot session

Personality Shots Add Versatility To A Hip-Hop Dance Session

fashion inspired branding shots in studio with a dancer during a hip-hop headshot session
fun wide angled branding shots in the studio with a dancer
hip-hop dancer doing poses in studio with Susan Grace Photography, hip-hop dance headshot session

Susan is a high school senior and dance portrait photographer who resides in Hammonton, NJ. Her goal is to  showcase the personality of each person in front of her lens.  She strives to find each person’s uniqueness and makes sure that every senior session is different.  Susan Grace is now booking the Class of 2023.  To learn more about being an SGP senior, click here.

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