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“Stand Out in Your Senior Photos with These 7 Must-Have Accessories and Props!”

May 10, 2023

Senior using a hat and a lace shawl as a prop in her senior photos in Cape May NJ, photographed by Susan Grace Photography


Hey there, congrats on reaching your senior year! It’s such an exciting time, and I know you want your senior portraits to truly reflect who you are at this moment in your life. So, I’ve got 7 fun props and accessories that can really elevate your senior session and add personality to showcase who you are!

Elevate Your Senior Portraits: 7 Fun Props That Will Add Personality to Your Photos

two cute high school seniors smiling wearing hats n their senior photos, photographed by Susan Grace Photography

“Accessories for senior portraits”

First up, hats! Hats of all kinds are practical and stylish, and they give you something to do with your hands when posing. They keep your hair in place on a windy day and shield your shoulders and hair from the sun. You can grab the brim, hold it, or even toss it at the camera. Plus, they come in so many different styles, like fedoras, sun hats, and even hats with your college or high school logo.

Next, add an extra layer of fashionable elements with a fun jacket. Denim jackets, faux fur jackets, letterman jackets, or something trendy can all add visual interest to your photos and give you more variety in posing. You can wear the jacket, throw it over your arm, or even spin and sway with it like a blanket for some fun action shots.

“Fun props for senior photos”

High School senior using balloons in her senior portraits, downtown Ocean City NJ photographed by Susan Grace Photography

Balloons are another great prop that symbolizes celebration and can bring a festive vibe to your senior session. You can choose balloons in your school colors or your favorite color to represent your personality or outfit.

high school senior using flowers as a prop in her senior photos on the beach in Brigantine, NJ photographed by Susan Grace Photography

Bringing nature into your senior portraits with a bouquet of flowers can be another beautiful and memorable option. Maybe it’s your favorite flower or one that your grandmother loved. It’ll make your pictures super meaningful.

High school senior with guitar and saxophone photographed in downtown Hammonton by Susan Grace Photography

If you’re musically inclined, posing with your musical instrument can add a personal and artistic touch to your photos. And, if you’re into sports, bring your equipment on the day of your portrait session to truly personalize your senior pics!

Of course, your cap and gown is a classic prop that symbolizes your achievement and transition from high school to the next phase of your life. You can pose with it in traditional or creative ways to add a touch of graduation-themed flair to your photos. If you don’t have your cap and gown yet, no worries they are really inexpensive on Amazon!

And finally, if you have a prom dress that you spent days searching for and was a huge investment (time and $$$$), bring it with you to your senior session. You’ll be amazed at how magical those photos will turn out.

high school senior in fuchsia prom dress on the beach in Ocean City NJ, at sunset incorporating a prom dress adds personality

So there you have it! 7 props (well technically 8) and accessories that will add personality to your photos! If you want to download my freebie, Senior Session Emergency Kit: 10 Top Things To Pack For Your Senior Session, fill out your email in the pop-up or contact me here. I guarantee they are not what you thought!

If you are worried about incorporating meaningful props into your senior session, I got you! We will go over all of this at your session design zoom call. I can suggest environments where your look and accessories will fit in. During this meeting I will ask you questions and get to know what makes you, you. I will encourage you to think outside the box so that we can customize your senior session to represent who you are.

Susan is a senior portrait and dance photographer who resides in Hammonton, NJ. Her goal is to showcase the personality of each person in front of her lens. She strives to find each person’s uniqueness and makes sure that every senior session is different. Susan Grace is now booking the Class of 2024. To learn more about being an SGP senior, click here

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